Our Services

Technical Consulting

When implementing educational platforms there are a number of ways to configuring each system.  Often institutions require additional guidance/support to ensure their educational platforms are meeting their specific needs. 

Our approach is to partner with the local team when possible to extend the technical knowledge in house to deliver a functional solution that will make an impact.

Client Support

Having someone you can count on when issues arise offers peace of mind.  Often problems can present themselves at the worst of times and this is where our team can step in to offer the support and guidance required. 

As institutions and organisations continue to move more and more towards digital learning it is essential for the platforms to work as intended and we are here to help support this objective.


Within digital learning there are often many systems integrated to provide a comprehensive solution.  This can be confusing for staff to understand without formal training. 

Our team have packaged training solutions along with custom options to suit every need.  Fully understanding what is possible can have a massive impact on uptake and engagement with the solution being adopted.


Our team have the technical expertise and experience to ensure your hosting needs are achieved. 

Hosting can be complex task and it can be difficult to maximise efficiency and effectiveness.  We believe that we can help organisations improve their hosting performance while reducing total cost of ownership by hosting with us.

Account Management

We pride ourselves in the level of engagement we provide customers through our account management.  Ensuring that our customers needs are met and that the technology is making an impact is our main goal.